By: Jerrod “Tex” Black

March 30, 2016

    Today I have got three tips for Naming your blog to help you in starting a new blog or rebranding. 

     So maybe you are just about to start a blog, or you are rebranding? One of the first things you will want to do is choose a blog name. {Blog Name} sponsored today’s post but all opinions and experiences are my own.

      For some people a blog name comes instantly and for others like me, it’s a bit more of a struggle. When we first started the blog it was just a way to keep in touch with family. It was named after watching a lot of {Series Name} so I amply named it {Series Name}. Once I decided to really  focus on my blog and treat it like a business, I had to do some serious thinking on what to name my blog.

       1).  Think About Your Interest– what will you blogging about? What interests you? You’ll more than likely be blogging about things that interest you so make a list of your interest and really focus on those when thinking about your blog name. You want a name that people will associate with what you blog about. You wouldn’t name your blog say “The Stitching Mom” when you are to be informing people on brands of wrenches. 

         2).  Make sure your name will grow with your blog– Once I decided to really focus on my blog I knew that {Series Name} was not a name that would allow me to grow in my blog. It wasn’t very original and it didn’t show what kind of focus I wanted to have with my blog. I chose {Blog Name} because it incorporated both new and old blog topics, that I’d like to blog about.